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School during Covid 19

Since March 16, 2020

Since March 16 of last year, when the country went under a national quarantine,  students have been studying at home.  They connect to their classrooms through technology: the smart phone.   But these phones are expensive for many families, starting at $250.00 each.  In one case, a student  had to rent one.   In addition, one has to pay the telephone company for internet access.


The Ministry of Presence bought the children their books, pencils, and backpacks, as we do every year.  But this time, adusting to the pandemic, we also paid for internet, which can cost $20 per month.   And in one case, we bought a telephone for one of our students.


Here Estefany is doing her lessons, which she never neglects.   Her matching pink smart-phone is in front of her.

Stories and News

Angelita learns how to cut hair

January 20, 2021

Angelita has been our student, since her Quinceañera in 2016 (her 15th birthday). She was born deaf.  Her mother, her sole caregiver, is a housekeeper. She cannot afford to send  her daughter to a special school for deaf.  When we learned of Angelita,  she was taking care of the children at home and doing housework.  She had not been to school since third grade.  She scarcely left her home.  She was a forgotten child.


We tried to enroll her in school again. But she had missed so much of her studies that they would not accept her.  Accordingly, we hired a deaf language tutor, who now teaches her basic math, science, sign language, and Spanish.   


Her teacher is also training her to be a cosmetologist, so that she can earn an income.   For her recent birthday,  she received a set of scissors, electric razors, and combs.   Here she is in action.


Congratulations Comando Erick Vasquez!

May you have a successful career in serving the people of Honduras. Your family and I are proud of you... 

Comando Erick Vasquez graduated from School of Sub-Officers in the Army of Honduras, on Friday, November 19, 2021. He comes from a family of modest means and was helped in his graduation by a scholarship from the Ministry of Presence.

Our goal is help young Hondurans earn a profession or a trade and lift themselves and their families out of poverty.   In the family oriented culture of Honduras,  if one person does well, the whole family does well.


November 22, 2021

The school year is starting again in Honduras.      This year many children, who stayed home during Covid,  are returning to school. 

We began the year with End of Vacation Pizza Parties.   

This year we already have four new children in the program and are recruiting more.  Please consider becoming a Sponsor.

School Year begins --  end of Covid?

February 22, 2023

Hurricane Relief 

The Ministry of Presence is involved in more than just scholarships.   After hurricane Eta and Iota totally devasted Honduras with floods,  we helped families, who had lost their homes, by distributing clothing and food.  These two girls, who look totally stressed out in this photo,  have just received new clothing to keep them warm.   Our relief work has been in Copan Ruinas, where we have scholarship students.

November 23, 2020

Pizza party with children and parents from Cerro de Hula, near Tegucigalpa.